• 3 Things To Know About Dental Care For Dogs

    If you have a dog, you probably understand the importance of yearly veterinarian checkups, but did you realize that getting dental work completed is also vital for a dog? Many people do not realize how important oral health is for their pets, and here are three important things you should know about this. Why Oral Health Is Important For Your Dog The teeth inside your dog's mouth can experience the same types of problems as your teeth. [Read More]

  • Three Things You Need To Know About Outdoor Cats And Rabies

    Cats that live indoors can get depressed or bored due to a lack of stimulation, but outdoor life also has its hazards. While outdoor cats get to run, play, and hunt prey, their fun life may bring them into contact with wild animals, which can carry diseases like rabies. Here are three things you need to know about outdoor cats and rabies. How do outdoor cats get rabies? When outdoor cats roam freely around the neighborhood, they may encounter a variety of wild animals. [Read More]

  • The Best Pet for Your Home Might Not Be a Dog or Cat

    A pet can bring a lot of joy and laughter into your life, but which pet is right for you? If you are not sure that a dog or cat is the right pet, consider some other options that may better suit your family, lifestyle, and home before adopting. Some other great pets include the following. A bird. It can be very relaxing and soothing to watch birds, and that is why many hospitals and VA centers are integrating aviaries on their properties. [Read More]

  • Boarding a Cat Requires the Right Facilities & Careful Planning

    Cats don't adjust very quickly or easily to new environments. So, the idea of sending your cat to a boarding facility while you're out of town may seem a bit strange and like it would be hard on your pet. But there are boarding facilities that board cats and do a good job of it. Ensuring your cat has a good cat boarding experience involves finding a good facility and taking a few steps yourself to keep your cat happy while you're away. [Read More]

  • How To Choose A Tame, Non-Poisonous Snake For Your Reptile Enthusiast Child

    If your son or daughter has recently become enthralled by reptiles, and they have begun begging you for one, then it's time to learn about snakes. Your son or daughter might love looking at cobras at the zoo, but these snakes are obviously not something you can bring home. There are some die-hard fans who traffic in "hot" snakes (hot snakes are venomous) but this is definitely not something you should consider. [Read More]

  • 2 Benefits Of Using Pet Euthanasia Services

    If you have a pet that is very sick, injured, very old, or otherwise isn't going to live much longer, then you have the tough decision of determining if and how they should be put down. If you decide that it would be best for them to pass on, then a good way to go about doing this is to have your pet euthanized. Most vets offer this service for you, so you will simply need to contact them and tell them what is going on and when you need this service. [Read More]

  • The Business Of Pet Sitting: How Professionalism Leads To Success

    It is very easy to fall into the trap of viewing pet-sitting as a hobby rather than a business. The sitter performs their tasks in a residential home and spending time with pets is usually very enjoyable. However, not taking the job as seriously as any other can cause the business to fail and may even lead to a lawsuit. It is important to remember that running this type of company requires as much knowledge and professionalism as any other business. [Read More]

  • Help Your Kitten Be The Cat's Meow: How To Handle Bad Kitty Breath

    Cats rule the internet, and kittens are their cutest form. It's no wonder that they steal the hearts of their human companions with ease. However, no human or cat enjoys being around bad breath. If your adorable little feline companion has chronic stinky breath, they likely have what's called halitosis, and it is most commonly caused by inflammation of their gums or the mucous membranes in their mouth. According to the vet services at Cornell University, your cat's breath shouldn't be offensive when it's healthy. [Read More]

  • FAQ About Getting A Kitten Vaccinated

    Did you decide to adopt a kitten and now have no idea how he or she should be taken care of? The most important thing that you can do for the health of your kitten is invest in getting him or her vaccinated. There are numerous conditions that vaccinations can protect your beloved pet from as he or she grows. Take a look at this article for the answers to a few questions that you might have about cat vaccinations. [Read More]