Boarding a Cat Requires the Right Facilities & Careful Planning

Posted on: 27 October 2016

Cats don't adjust very quickly or easily to new environments. So, the idea of sending your cat to a boarding facility while you're out of town may seem a bit strange and like it would be hard on your pet. But there are boarding facilities that board cats and do a good job of it. Ensuring your cat has a good cat boarding experience involves finding a good facility and taking a few steps yourself to keep your cat happy while you're away.

Signs of a Good Boarding Facility

Start looking for a boarding facility a few weeks before you plan on going away so you have time to visit a few different facilities and examine them fully. Things that indicate a facility is a good place for your cat include:

  • They either board only cats or have very separate areas for cats and dogs. Even if your cat lives with a dog at home, noise from unfamiliar dogs may stress them out.
  • The living quarters are spacious. The best cat boarding facilities don't keep the cats in cage-like kennels. They have separate living quarters, which are spacious and offer various items like climbing shelves and a view of the outside, so you cat can get some exercise and won't feel claustrophobic.
  • Staff are on-site at all hours. Stay away from boarding facilities where all staff goes home at night. You want someone on site in case your cat becomes ill or stressed.

Making the Experience Easier on Your Cat

One of the most stressful parts of the experience will be riding in the car to the boarding facility. So, practice loading your cat in the carrier and going for a ride a few weeks beforehand so the experience is not so strange once your going away-day arrives.

Talk to your vet about prescribing a calming spray or medication. You can give you cat a dose before you leave and then leave it with the boarding facility to give to your cat if they appear to be stressed.

Most facilities will provide food for your cat on request, but it's best to bring your own cat food—along with your cat's own bowls—to make your cat feel more comfortable. Also bring along a pillow or blanket your cat likes to sleep on. Having it in the enclosure will make your cat feel more at home.

If you take the time to find a good boarding facility and prepare for the experience, your cat should have a nice vacation while you're on vacation.