FAQ About Getting A Kitten Vaccinated

Posted on: 9 September 2016

Did you decide to adopt a kitten and now have no idea how he or she should be taken care of? The most important thing that you can do for the health of your kitten is invest in getting him or her vaccinated. There are numerous conditions that vaccinations can protect your beloved pet from as he or she grows. Take a look at this article for the answers to a few questions that you might have about cat vaccinations.

Why Are Vaccinations Important for a Cat's Health?

Basically, vaccinations are important because they can prepare your kitten's immune system for various diseases that can develop. What the vaccinations do is expose your pet to some of the diseases via an injection. Early exposure to the conditions in a small amount helps the immune system become stronger to better fight them if they develop later on. Vaccinations can actually help your kitten avoid getting the diseases altogether.

Can Vaccinations Cause Any Side Effects?

There are a few side effects that your kitten can experience after getting vaccinated, but they are rarely severe. For instance, it is possible that your cat will develop a mild fever and irritation around the vaccination injection site. You might also notice that the injection site swells up for a short while, but will gradually go down. Other possible side effects include sneezing, painful joints and temporary lameness. The specific vaccinations administered will determine the specific side effects that can be experienced.

What Kind of Conditions Are Vaccinations Useful For?

Rabies is one of the conditions that vaccinations can protect your kitten against. It is a very contagious condition that is almost certain to lead to death. Giardiasis is another condition that your cat can possibly avoid by getting vaccinated. The disease can cause severe diarrhea and lead to your kitten haven to be hospitalized. A few of the other conditions that vaccinations are good for include feline immunodeficiency virus, chlamydiosis, and panleukopenia.

What Does it Cost to Get a Cat Vaccinated?

The first year of vaccination for your kitten will be the most expensive, as they can cost over $85. Vaccinations that are administered after the first year can cost over $35 on the highest end of the scale. The specific price will depend on where the vaccinations are administered at. Make an appointment with a veterinarian to get your kitten vaccinated as soon as you are able to.