Learn About Beagles Before You Get One

Posted on: 18 November 2022

The beagle is a breed that was bred to be a hunting dog and is still used in hunting today. They are scent hounds, meaning they find the scent of the prey and follow it until they can find the animal they are tracking. That makes them suitable as search and rescue (S&R) dogs as well. People like beagles for S&R because they are smaller dogs and can get into small spaces that some of the bigger dogs can't. One thing you have to watch with scent hounds like beagles is that if they catch an attractive scent, they may run away and follow it.  


There are two size variations of the beagle: one is between 13 and 15 inches and the other is under 13 inches. There is no real difference between the two variations other than the height, as measured at the shoulders of the dog. The beagle has several color variations, including lemon and white; bluetick, tan, and black; tan and white; red and white. The dog's tail should be white or have at least a white tip. That was also bred into the dog so hunters could see their dogs in the dark or with poor visibility. 


In general, the beagle is a sweet and loving dog. They are very curious and will want to be all up in your business all the time. That curiosity can also lead them into mischief because the beagle wants to know what is going on, and they will try to find out.

Because they are friendly, they are good with young children and with other dogs, so if you have either young children or other dogs, introducing a beagle puppy into your family should be relatively easy. A puppy may have a few nervous days in the beginning because they are in a new situation with new people around them, but they should adjust quickly. The beagle will like being around other dogs and people because they were bred to hunt in packs, so your new dog could get lonely without other people or animals around. 

Beagles can make great hunting dogs if you are a hunter. But they also make a great family pet. The same dog can fulfill both roles. If you are going to get a new beagle, make sure that you work with a reputable breeder or rescue group so that you are going to get a healthy and happy dog. 

Contact a local breeder or rescue center to learn more about beagle puppies for sale