• The Appeal of Adopting Maltipoo Puppies and Adding Them to Your Family

    When you have small children, you may want to introduce them to responsibility, accountability, and learning how to take care of a pet. However, you may be unsure about adopting a cat that can be temperamental and leave scratch marks on your children and furniture. You also might not want the mess and noise that can come from adding a bird to your household. Instead, you might be drawn to the idea of adopting a puppy that can grow up alongside your children and offer the learning opportunities that you want for them. [Read More]

  • How You Can Help When Your Dog Rejects Her Puppies?

    It's a thing of beauty to watch a mother dog with her newborn puppies. Dogs are so protective of their defenseless babies, providing them with all the care and nutrition that they need. It's such a natural process that you might think it's inevitable, and for most dogs, it is. However, there will be instances when a mother dog is disinterested in her own puppies to the point of rejecting them (and their needs). [Read More]

  • Cool Amenities Found At Dog Boarding Facilities

    When it comes right down to it, any dog boarding facility where the dogs have plenty of play space and are cared for by kind, safety-conscious staff members is a sufficient place to leave your dog. But if you and your dog are seeking a premium boarding experience, here are some cool features and amenities to look for. Indoor Play Areas Many dog boarding facilities have relatively plain rooms indoors and lots of outdoor play space. [Read More]