Cool Amenities Found At Dog Boarding Facilities

Posted on: 25 May 2021

When it comes right down to it, any dog boarding facility where the dogs have plenty of play space and are cared for by kind, safety-conscious staff members is a sufficient place to leave your dog. But if you and your dog are seeking a premium boarding experience, here are some cool features and amenities to look for.

Indoor Play Areas

Many dog boarding facilities have relatively plain rooms indoors and lots of outdoor play space. But if you can find a boarding facility that has indoor playrooms, that's even better. On rainy days, your dog will have a place to play and entertain themselves without getting muddy and wet. These indoor play spaces can be pretty intricate, featuring slides, chew toys, rubber flooring, climbing features, and more. A boarding facility that has one setup for small dogs and another setup for larger dogs is even better since the equipment will be properly sized for the dogs to use.

Doggy Pools

Imagine your dog being able to go for a swim every day while you're away. If you have a dog who loves water, this will definitely help them happily pass the time at the boarding facility. Doggy pools are usually made with a sloped floor. This allows dogs to enter down the ramp and then go into the water to the depth that they are comfortable. Dogs that like to swim in deep water can do so. Those who just want to walk in the shallow water can do that, too. Doggy pools are a great amenity to look for if you're boarding your dog in the heat of summer.

On-Site Grooming Services

If a boarding facility has an on-site grooming service, this is really convenient and amazing. You can typically schedule a grooming session while you are away, so when you pick up your dog, they are clean with freshly trimmed nails and a nice scent. This saves you from having to make a separate appointment with a groomer when you get back. If you're going away for more than a week, you could even schedule two shampoo sessions — one halfway through your dog's stay and another the day they're due to come home.

If you come across a dog boarding facility with these amenities, schedule your dog's stay soon. These features will keep your dog entertained and make the whole experience better for both of you. Start reaching out to local dog boarding facilities to learn more about your options.