Buying A Yorkie As A Companion

Posted on: 23 September 2020

Living in a house alone can not only be lonely for some people, but it can feel unsafe due to the possibility of getting burglarized. Finding a roommate can be the solution to resolving such problems, but it can be difficult finding someone who can fully be trusted. Having a roommate also comes with the possibility of the home not being kept as tidy as you desire it to be, along with numerous other possible problems. An alternative to finding a roommate to live with is to opt for a dog instead, as they are available in a variety of breeds that you might find desirable. If you live in a small home and want your pet to live inside, a breed that is small like a Yorkshire Terrier (Yorkie) might be good to consider.

Great for Alerting About Trespassers

One benefit that you will have by opting for a small breed like a Yorkie is the sense of security that you will feel because Yorkies are a breed that is known for barking a lot, such as when they hear unfamiliar noises. For example, if someone trespasses on your property and is near your door, a Yorkie will start barking in an effort to get your attention. The constant barking will not only make you alert, but it might be enough to scare away the trespasser. When you start living with your Yorkie, you will begin to understand what your dog wants based on the pitch of their bark.

Might Need Professional Potty Training

Although Yorkies are great companions for providing security, they are not the easiest breed to potty train to the inside of a house. However, the difficulty of potty training such a dog isn't a reason to not consider them as a house pet. It is still possible to potty train a Yorkie, but you might need to hire a professional to assist with the task. If you have enough patience and time, you can actually train your dog without any professional help, especially if you are consistent with the task. Keep in mind that you can opt for a Yorkie that is already potty trained as well.

No Need to Worry About Excessive Shedding

One perk of having a Yorkie as a live-in companion is that you won't have to clean up larges amounts of pet dander. Although Yorkies have a lot of hair, they don't shed in large amounts as with many other breeds. Just keep in mind that you will have to keep the long hair brushed as a part of caring for your dog.

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