2 Things To Know About Taking Your Pet To A Holistic Veterinarian's Office

Posted on: 21 April 2018

When it comes to taking care of the medical needs of your pet, you want to make sure that you provide your pet with the best treatment possible. Holistic veterinarian's office focus on treating your whole pet, focusing on taking care of your pet's physical and mental well-being using as many natural and non-invasive measures as possible.  

Holistic Vet's Office Are Run by Licensed Vet's

Holistic vet's officer are run by licensed veterinarians who underwent the same detailed training that veterinarian professionals at regular vet offices went through.

When you call up a holistic vet's office, be sure to check and make sure that the practice is ran by a licensed vet. You can even ask for the vet's licensing number and where they went to school, both sets of information that any practice should be able to easily share with you.

Holistic Vet's Office Can Provide a Variety of Treatment for Your Pet

Holistic vet's offices can provide a wide variety of treatment for your pet. They can help you find herb remedies for the conditions your pet is facing. They can give your pet vaccines and perform routine check-ups. For treating things such as ticks and fleas, they will more than likely recommend a topical herbal treatment. To treat more serious health issues, they will more than likely recommend herbal oral medication and treatments. They may also recommend treatment options such as acupuncture and massage for your pet. They will try to use non-invasive measures as much as possible to treat your pet.

The services offered by holistic vet's offices can vary greatly though. This is generally based more on the size of the practice. For example, a very small practice may not have an x-ray machine or the means to assist your pet with a medical emergency. However, a larger holistic practice may have these tools on hand and be able to help you with your pet's emergency medical needs.

When you decide to use a holistic vet service, make sure that ask about the size of their practice and the services that they offer. With a smaller practice, you may need to have a traditional vet on back-up to handle services that the smaller practice can't handle. For a larger practice, you will not need an outside vet.

If you have questions about your dog's health, talk to a breeder of your dog's specific breed, such as at puppy heaven. They can give you health insights on the breed.