Invisible Fence? Dog Training And Other Tips To Use Your New Fence

Posted on: 23 January 2018

Invisible fences are a great solution to fencing in your dog without needing to put up a fence that could block or hinder the view of your yard. An invisible fence can be placed anywhere you want in your yard, using the entire yard, or only a portion of it. The use of an invisible fence may be tricky when training your dog, as your dog doesn't know that it's there. See below for some tips to help train your dog when using an invisible fence.

Use Flags To Mark The Boundaries

The boundaries should be marked with flags, most invisible fence kits come with these flags, but if yours did not, you can purchase cheap marker flags at your local hardware store. The flags are so you know where the invisible fence is located and to show your dog where it is as well. 

Take Your Dog Around The Yard On A Leash

With the flags in place, take your dog outside on a leash to the boundary markers, stopping at each marker flag then telling your dog no and pulling him back if he tries to go further. Make him sit and stay behind the marker flag and the invisible fence line. Continue to do this all the way around the yard. This should be done every time you take your dog outside and should be done for a few weeks until your dog gets used to the boundary lines. Remove the flags after a few weeks.

Check The Batteries In The Collar Often

The collar will have batteries that should be checked. If the batteries are dead, the collar will not do any good and thus your dog can get out of your yard without feeling any type of electric shock. Also make sure your dog always has his collar on before going outside, even if he is used to the boundary lines he could still run off - don't take the chance.

Keep An Eye Out

Just because your dog cannot get out of the yard doesn't mean anyone or any animal can't get into the yard. If another animal comes into your yard, it won't shock the other animal. When the other animal leaves the yard, your dog may try to chase after it and could potentially end up running off. Keep an eye on your yard when your dog is outside to be sure something like this doesn't happen.

Invisible fences are a great solution if you want a fence, but cannot have one or don't necessarily want one. It's a cheaper option to keep your pet in your yard without losing the view. Use the training tips above and keep an eye on your dog when outside. 

For more information about pet fence installation, contact a local business.